When I delete e-mail in Outlook , touchdown does not delete it on my droid. Why is that?

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I am running Exchange Serve 2010.
I am running Outlook 2010 on my computer.
I have a new Droid with Touchdown installed.

When I delete a message on the Droid, it is deleted immedately in Outlook 2010.
When I delete a message in Outlook, it moves to the Deleted items folder, but it is never deleted on my Droid.

I don't know if the problem is with Exchange 2010, Outlook 2010 or the Touchdown app.

Your help is GREATLY appreciated.

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What type of Droid is it?  Also, why are you not using Corporate Sync?  I have a Droid X (Motorola) from Verizon. Connected to my 2010 Exchange. Works fine syncing Calendar, Contacts, and Mail.


I have the latest Droid 2 from Motorola.  Does not work at all with Exchange 2010 (unless I use Outlook Web Access in a brower).  Touchdown works great.  Very easy to use.

I did find that when I delete a message from Outlook it does not update the Droid immediately, but on the next email received by the Droid, then it does delete the message from the Droid.

I just downloaded and installed Touchdown and configured it for my Exchange. The same thing happened to me. I looked all over for a way to adjust the Sync time. There seems to be no settings for this. It seems to be a default setting of 1hr or so.


I ran a test.
I sent message 1 to Outlook, which was then sent to my Droid.
I sent message 2 to Outlook, which was then sent to the Droid.

In Outlook, I deleted message 1.  I waiting a few mintues and it still was not deleted from my Droid.

I sent message 3 to Outlook, which was then sent to my Droid.  When message 3 arrived on my Droid, message 1 was deleded from the Droid.  

It looks like when the Droid receives new data, it the deletes old data at that time.
Correct. That is the Sync status of the Touchdown app. There is no way that I can find to change those setting. It would be nice to change the Sync settings to 5,10,15,30,1hr. Then you could pick a time. (May want to email customer support for Touchdown and see if they could program this in). This would result in less battery life though. Also, if you want you could also click on the Menu button and press Sync. This is obviously the manual way of doing it.

Also, Just tried it on a 2007 Exchange with Active Sync enabled. Same result as your previous post.

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