Building an Answer File for an Unattended Windows 7 Installation Running from a Recovery Partition

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Hey all.
So I've created a bootable usb stick which automatically installs a customised Windows 7 image using an answer file. It creates a few partitions, one of which is to be a recovery partition (R drive).

In the R drive, we hope to have a copy of the Windows setup files, along with a different answer file, which performs a similar install. This one, however, obviously, needs to not wipe itself (i.e. the R partition needs to stay in tact).

Now, in the original answer file (the one on the usb stick), I formatted the disk using the component amd64_Microsoft-Windows-Setup_neutral, sent to the windowsPE configuration pass. Under DiskConfiguration I've got WillWipeDisk set to true, then I create and modify our partitions the way we want them.

Here's where I'm confused. This second instance of setup is obviously not going to look at anything in the windowsPE pass because it's running from the shell. But I can't pass that Windows setup component to any of the other config passes using WSIM. Is there another component that I should use for this? Also, how can I leave my partitions in tact (i.e. not delete them), but clear the data on C and E (the remaining 2 partitions on that disk)?

Are there any other important differences between answer files written for shell and winPE setups?
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That link was very helpful while I was creating the first answer file, but it doesn't seem to offer much for what I'm trying to do now..

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