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I am building a website for a client.
The site is built in PHP, and the client wants to have a page where the visitor can enter their email address and subscribe to a newsletter.

My web hosting company offers a feature called 'Mailing Lists'
It works like this:

1. I set up an email address (, for example) for the mailing list
2. When visitors subscribe, they are automatically added to the mailing list
3. To send an email to everyone in the list, I simply send a single email to

The footer of each email message includes listserv instructions (like how to Unsubscribe)

Sounds like just what I need.
The problem is, my client's email is currently being hosted by another company, on an Exchange Server.

So, because the domain's MX record points to that Exchange Server, I cannot use my web hosting company's nifty 'mailing list' feature. (Right?)

So I'm looking for options...

Does Exchange offer the same type of ListServ mailing list features? (i.e. a way to automatically add (and remove) users from a mailing list, and a way to easily SEND an email to everyone in that list)

Or, is there another way to use my web hosting company's mailing list feature EVEN THOUGH the MX record for the domain doesn't point there?

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you can create a distribution group to a series of external contacts. The distribution group can have an email address associated to it. So you email internally to and it will send a copy to all of the distribution groups members
I would need some way of:

1. automatically adding any opt-in subscriptions
2. automatically remove any opt-out requests

is this possible with an Exchange Distribution list?

that would probably be a PHP script from the web page making active directory changes. but that is getting beyond my scope of knowledge now.
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Ahmed MerghaniSoftware Engineer

Can you tell us how your web hosting company store the emails?
In database or XML or what?
Web host stores email files in a database.
Still not able to resolve this issue. Request close and refund points.

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