Call C# function in javascript

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How can you call a C# function in javascript
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Senior Software Engineer
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Use page methods, check:

basically your C# fucntion is a web method.

U can use web methods..I will show u an example.
(Below function will written in codebehind)
public static string MyMethod(string name)
    return "Hai " + name;

You can call this MyMethod in javascript like this.

    function test(){
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Miguel OzSenior Software Engineer
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vivekpv10, I already suggested pageMethods in my previous comment and the posted link already contained a sample. Thanks
Hai mas_oz2003:This question  is not logical one.The question having only one WebMethods.So i posted that answer.I explained that with a simple example and also with a link that also providing code sample.I think i done nothing wrong with that.

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