How can I defer image load until tab is clicked using jquery?

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I've searched and can't find a solution for this. Pages we're building use 5 or 6 tabs that are each heavy with text and images. With the goal of fast web performance we want to limit image requests for hidden tabs until a user actually selects them. The ajax method of referring to a separate url is not preferred as the text should be contained within the page source for SEO purposes. Is there a method which defers the image requests? We're using jquery 1.4.2 and jquery UI 1.85. thanks

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you can go with either of the three approaches
1) use css sprites
2) do not mention the src attribute value in img tag until that tab is clicked.

3) Do not load the html untill that tab is clicked, so when you click that tab, the html will be loaded for that tab using load() api of jquery


Thanks, the 2nd option seems best as there's too many large images for sprites to handle. Cheers

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