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Stef Merlijn
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After changing fieldtypes from DateTime to DateTime2 I get some error running specific SQL.

MyDateField might also be NULL so I need to check if the record contains a valid date:

     Select MyDateField FROM MyTable
     WHERE ((IsDate(MyDateField) = 1)

ERROR: Argument data type datetime2 is invalid for argument 1 of isdate function.

I did find this article, but there it doesn't say how to solve this.

How can I correct this SQL so it will work again?
Are there any other issues when switching from DateTime to DateTime2?
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You don't need to use ISDATE to check if the value is a valid date. The date is always valid (since it was already stored on the database on a date datatype field) unless the value is null, so you only need to test if the value is not null.

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Can things be so easy...
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