SBS 2008 Can not receive Emails, It was sending before but stopeed sending

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Hi Team, SBS Cpecialists

We have an  Issue with Newly buil SBS 2k8 Server, Which was conifgured by some one and was sending emails ok but could not receive it from teh day one.

It is a fresh Installation, It is also running Generic SSL certificate but we can not load the https://serverpublic ip/owa As well.

Its Web Work Place has worked in the past well. Bu tit has never received emails form the internet.

What we have done is

- Recreted SMTP Receive Connectors
- Recreated the Accepted Domain
- Anonymous Permission are Ok in Receive Connector
- Port Forwording is OK and externally we can telnet to the public IP of the server on port 25 Means it responds to the SMTP requests.
-Event Viewer does not show any criticle wrros messages
Public IP of the Server is

Can you please help us in fixing the following issues on the server.?

- Send / Receive Emails
- Getting Https and OWA Working.

A Prompt Response will be highy appricitaed.

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Il looks like your DNS is not configured.

If you are trying to receive mail for domain "" then check your public DNS if you have an MX record pointing to the public IP address of your SBS server.

Same for OWA, you need an A record (or CNAME) for it.



HI There,

YOu can check that DNS is pointing to right IP Address. I have provided you the POublic IP adress above which resolve fine for

Hence DNS is correct on Public Side.

M i checking any specific thin gin the Local DNS of the server ?



I checked your domain DNS and it is correct.
For the mail delivery, when I telnet to the mail relay on port 25 and start the dialog, I received the following error :
421 Cannot connect to SMTP server (, connect error 10060

Is your firewall an ISA server ?

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Is port forwarding configured properly?
Also do you get any errors regarding pop3 connector on the event viewer?
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- Performed port scan for the ipaddress observed that the port 25 is time out.

- Check with the ISP, does the SMTP port 25 has been allowed by them.

- Also check have you paid your ISP bills.

Hope this helps,


HI All,
They have a Router that has, and next to the router is the PABX system that has firewall configured with correct port forwarding from  to internal IP of the server.

I will send you screen shots of the Firewal as well, but i have specifically checked with the ISP that they are not blocking the Port 25 at all.

Would it be soem thing in the server That would cause this blocked ??

I will check if there is any ISA Server running on the server at all ....
Also Can some help me fix the OWA Issue as well ?


HI All,
Further to my Previous Reply i have checked on port 80 via http and IIS load fine that means there is no issue of Port Forwarding, It is working OK

but when i try doing the I get Error Message, This is surely Exchange misconfiguraiton issue, Can some one assist ???


I Can now even log on to the OWA Web SIte Externally as well, BUt can not seem to send and receive to External World ???

Can some one assist with Connectors. I seem to have configured them Correctly .........

Can you go into EMC and send screenshots of each tab on send and receive connectors?
Can you telnet on port 25 locally to the internal address of the MSEX server? If so, then the fact that you can't come in from the outside is almost certainly a firewall or router issue. (There are a couple of funky settings in WIndows firewall that might be able to allow local traffic while blocking external traffic, and some similar ones in the edge settings of MSEX2007, but those should be off by default anyway).


Reconfigured Exchange multiple times and recofnigured firewall, I looks like iSP was blocking port 25 as soon as i eamil iSP again about all the testing, it started workign after couple of hours. Issue is resolved now. Thanks for Excellent Help though.

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