Remove User ids from Sharepoint Groups of users who left organization.

Minesh Shah
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Dear Friends, Seniers,
How can we remove all users ids which are deleted from exchange server but exists in sharpoint permission groups.
Ex. given access to mr. a on site collection.
mr. a left the organization.
mail admin has deleted the mail id of mr. a.
mr. a mail id still exists in sharepoint pertmission group.
Q: How to remove pple like mr. a in bulk?
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Hi MineSharePoint,
Only programmatically i think.

I found another strange thing. In MOSS documentation written that when Active Directory account not exists more (was deleted) after next user profiles syncronization profile will be marked as Profiles missing from import. But it is not happen in my case. I have not see any profile when select Profiles missing from import value in filter combobox on View User Profiles page.
And returning to your question. We must programmatically enumerate all sharepoint security groups and check exists Exchange or AD user or not.
Hi, The user is deleted from the AD and exchange but that user is still present in Sharepoint:

1. user was import in the profile import
2. user was having a mysite

So, delete the users mysite and run a Full profile import and not a incremental import. If that fails than restart "Windows sharepoint service timer" and run the full import again

P.S: if i say used removed from AD mean the user no longer exist in AD, it doesn't mean if the user account is just disabled.
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Minesh ShahSharePoint & all about it


We have document libraries on which we have given access to users.
We don't use My Sites till now & profile import was done well before (say 1 year back).Yes, accounts are disabled.
Is it ok to run full profile import (if not worked restart timer job then import again) for us......
Minesh ShahSharePoint & all about it


Any way out frineds please.
This will reduce total number of users in all ppl & will make sure ssp error of parameter is incorrect doesn't comes atleast for next 8-10 months please.
Minesh ShahSharePoint & all about it


any way guys
Hope i understand your question well.

I've encountered the situation when users are deleted from AD. They are removed from SSP. However, they are not deleted from site collections.
I needed to manually go to each site collection, in People and Groups, select the user and delete it. This will remove the user from all lists/libraries/sites where he has permissions, but needs to be done on each site collection.

(to make it a bit easier for me, I created views on People and Groups list, where i filtered only the users i wanted to remove, then deleted them in group)

hope this is in line with what you wanted

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