Exchange 2010 POP3 Collector Not Delivering to User Account

Kramer8u used Ask the Experts™
Hi all,

Have just setup exchange 2010 and PVS pop3 collector
on 2008 server 64bit.
When I try to collect mail from the POP mailbox and then the collector tries to login the exchange server via SMTP ( local IP )
I get a SMTP error 550:  command failed because server is listed as open relay or user mailbox unavailable.

Only seems to be able to get mail from himself or other domain users .

Could it be a policy setting?  

I have enabled SSL, TLS.
Changed username to domain username , other SMTP addesses in user settings.
nothing seems to allow the SMTP to accept the email from the pop colector.

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Computer Integration Specialist
I am assuming you have your DNS manager with the POP domain already in place.

Did you setup the following for this POP account?

In Exchange System Manager
RECIPIENTS - RECIPIENT POLICIES, create a policy for your domain

Next, go to Active Directory for this user and create an SMTP email address  "Automatically update e-mail addresses based on recipient policy" has NO check mark.

Try again and report back.


recipients - recipients policy ?
do you mean for the domain name that is hosted  //
I will check but i think I'm sure
Yes I have already added the SMTP of the hosted domain to the email addresses and set it to the default.
Irwin SantosComputer Integration Specialist

yes to the recipients policy.

Also, is your user connecting to a different domain name on your exchange server via pop?  If not, why not simply connect to the Exchanger Server mailbox?
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Not sure What should the recipients policy be set to ?  I think I've done it right ( see below)

Configuration : ( pretty similar to SBS)

Basically I have a internal domain without proper DNS , then I have an external domain hosted with a web host and need all the pop mailboxes to be transfered to the relevant domain user accounts/exchange user mailboxes.
The exchange server is running on the 2008  domain controller ( I know its not reccommended), with the free pop3 collector running as a service on the same server.

Story So Far:

I added the external domain name to recieve policies.
Added user mailbox in exchange
Set the external domain SMTP to default in user properities unchecked "Automatically update e-mail addresses based on recipient policy"
Added a send connector to ISP SMTP
Configured POP collector to collect the POP3 ( which it does) then to deliver with SMTP internal IP of exchange server and user account login ( tried with all types of encryptions) .
BUT..  after It collects the POP mail it errors trying to login to exchange with the 550 . and the mail isnot forwared into the user account.

Im not sure wether I 've configured the recipient policy correctly , familiar with exchange 2003 and a little 2007 but yeah new territory , maybe i need to look up some white papers.

The only free pop collector i cound find was:

Maybe its the pop collector?
Am i configured correctly ?

Irwin SantosComputer Integration Specialist
What happens if you specify and IP address instead of hostname as your pop server?  If you can connect with an IP address, then it is a DNS issue.  If you can NOT connect, then it is a configuration issue elsewhere.
Solved it .

Seems that i had to enable anonymous access to the SMTP server.
for some reason plain text login wasnt working or any more secure authentication.

As the SMTP port in not exposed to the internet , I should be ok ?
I mean spammers cant use it as a relay ?
Its not ideal I would like to enable authentication but i think it has to do with this pop collector ( its free so one cannot argue).

Thankyou for you assitance hopefully i can awards you some points for effort
Irwin SantosComputer Integration Specialist

If you don't have a 2nd NIC in your server and the email is only traversed locally, you should be OK.  I've uploaded my SMTP RELAY setting, Just dismiss the IP Address  For me, that is my webserver that I have scripts that send email to authenticate.  Aside from that, you should have the same settings.

Effort points are nice :-)


Good idea to restrict smtp access to the servers ip if anonymous access is enabled. I.E. only allowing the pop collector (which apesrs as the server ip) from exchanges perspective.

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