Backplane bandwidth? Switching fabric capacity?

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What are the important criteria to look for when buying a network switch? I've heard about the backplane bandwidth, switching fabric, forwarding capacity.  What are they actually? Please provide a detailed explanation and if possible, with examples.  I have searched thru the web for these terms so I do not expect the answers to be just copied from somewhere else.  Self-made own comments are appreciated.  Thanks.
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Backplane of switch and switching fabric is same. This is basically throughput of switch to handle maximum amount of traffic. This is an important point to consider before selecting a switch. Forwarding capacity is basically amount of traffic that can be forwarded per second (packet per second). Higher backplane and forwarding rate will provide better performance.  

You should also consider the amount of traffic that your network is going to handle. If you have only users who will access only internet application then you can go for Cisco 2900 Series switches...and if you are going to host servers in your datacenter then in that case you will have to go for higher Series of switches....

Cisco has lots of recommendation in its should segregate you network between three layers:

Access, distribution and core...

Just let me know if anything is not explained...
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