WDS 2008r2 to Deploy Windows XP

Hi All

Hope you can help.

This is what I want to do:-

Set up WDS 2k8r2 box with a custom XP image on it, using a ref machine, sysprepp-ing it and then using a captur image to upload it to WDS.

However, there may be more than one model of machine that its deployed to.  In my reference machine I want to have all of the drivers included that may be used by all ,models.  I know this will give me a bloated reference image, but it will save a load of hassle in the long run.
XP will be x86 architecture, with only a few Apps on it, so nothing spectacular.  Also will have two partitions on it C:\ and E:\

Anyone envisage any issues with this setup, and also whats the best way of brining in all of the drivers into the ref machine, PNPUTIL or is there an easier way?

Thanks in advance

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I would recommend avoiding this method, if you plan to install unnecessary drivers in order to ensure that the system to which the .wim is deployed has the drivers necessary.

There are multiple reasons, one you've already mentioned, being a bloated .wim, but this is probably the least concern. Greater concerns would be: -

* Driver compatibility issues - It's possible, particularly if you are going to be installing many drivers for different systems, that there could be compatibility issues between drivers that you install
* Increased troubleshooting burden - Imagine if a user or a group of users start having difficulties with a particular or multiple devices. It would be very difficult to determine if the cause is the result of a driver that was included in the .wim
* Non-paged kernel memory usage - You're going to consume unnecessary non-paged kernel memory by loading unneeded drivers, which can lead to system instability and blue screens

A more effective, reliable and recommended method would be to deploy the drivers after the installation of the operating system, based on the hardware actually connected to the machine. I know this is probably not what you wanted to hear, however I really believe this will save you issues down the track.

Good luck!
fingwongAuthor Commented:
So is there an automated way of installing the drivers?  I know if I were to deploy Win7, 2k8 etc I could use the driver packages feature of WDS, but is there any other way if Im deploying XP
I probably should have mentioned that, hey? :)

Yes, it sounds like your situation could be addressed by using MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit).

Basically, it makes the setup process very similar to the SCCM operating system deployment method by using similar task sequences to boot the install the operating system, make configuration changes, install drivers and install software.

Here is an independant article (I haven't tested this) on deploying Windows XP using MDT 2010 - http://myitforum.com/cs2/blogs/maikkoster/archive/2009/11/17/deploying-windows-xp-with-mdt-2010.aspx

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fingwongAuthor Commented:
Thing is, the machine running XP, will literally be used as an entry point for a VDI, they will require network driver, graphics, the mouse keyboard etc should be already in XP potentially sound driver as well.  Cannot see it being worth my while trying to Task Sequence everything (a lot of work and Ive been informed doesnt work most of the time), when I can just multicast it once then update any missing drivers.  Im talking 20 machines at a time.

There shouldnt be compatibility issues with having multiple network drivers installed, when only one is being used??
fingwongAuthor Commented:
Not 100% fixed, but defeinetly good advice
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