How to connect with a camera with configured multicast ip ?

I'm having problems with a camera that (by error) I have configured (by ethernet) with ip 232..0.0.1 (
I need to connect with it via ethernet in Windows (because I have a program that sends commands to control it and I could change its Ip by commands) but now I don't know what I have to do because Windows do not permit me to configure this subnet IP.
I don't understand very well how the multicast protocol works, so I don't know how I can communicate with previous Ip.
How can I do to comunicate with the camera ? (The camera hasn't any port COM or reset button)
Are there any software that emulate?
I have cisco routers that I can configure If they can help to me!
Thank you, waiting responses !
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i think you may be outta luck.
Is there a way to connect in to the device via something like telnet.
Also, can you do a factory reset on the camera?
OverridableAuthor Commented:
I can't use telnet with the camera.
And yes, I know thats the ultimate possible solution but i'm in Spain and i have to send the camera to Germany to reset it. If another solution is possible i appreciate it !
Usually devices have a Unicast IP for management, and use Multicast for the video. Do you have any other IPs configured on the device?
OverridableAuthor Commented:
Hello, no the device hasn't any other Ip configured.
Thanks everyone, Finally I've solved it with a trick.

I tell you for anyone that needs in the future:
With the other camera (accesible) I've captured Ip packets while configuring to chage Ip with the propietary program. I've analyzed this packets to know the Ip situation and with the copy of all the packets and replacing the Ips in the packet with the Ips of inaccesible camera and the new Ip I want to set it, finally I have achieved to change the Ip of the camera (whitout wait for responses of my packets because the camera was in another ip and mask). I don't belive that has worked !
Bye !

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OverridableAuthor Commented:
It's the solution for me !
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