WI interface takes ages to logon

We are using WI with RSA tokens and some reason its taking too long to show applications (anywhere from 2 mins – 5 mins).

We are using WI 4.6 in DMZ. I want to disable RSA logon to test whether it is RSA that is taking long or something on WI side.

Can I disable RSA secure ID and test, then I can put RSA secure ID back? Would it cause any problem? My understanding is to just disable RSA Secure ID in Two factor Authentication (as in the attachment), do I have to do anything else?

Also if any other suggestions for slow response on WI?

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you can easily disable two-facto authentication and test if RSA is causing delay and than set it again later on. There can be many reasons why you ecperience slow logins. So please disable RSA and try  login without and report back.


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Key2ITAuthor Commented:
Thanks BR,

Since its my production environment, I would still like to make sure, do you have any link I can confirm from?
Well, I'm talking from personal experience. But if you want to test WI without changing your production site, you can always create another web site on your WI. Be shure to remember new site's URL (like http://webinterface/accesssuite1/...

There you can set just one-factor authentication and it will not interfere with production site.
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Key2ITAuthor Commented:
Thanks Zoubi,

Sorry couldnt reply before, problem here is I am new in this company and i dont have a test environment,...
dont want to mess with their current setup... though I will look into setting up new web site for test purpose..

thanks for your responses so far as I'm trying to be little cautious of my moves just waiting for some suggestions from other people's experiences..
Do not worry. If you set up another web site on your existing Web interface you will not interfere with prodiction site
Key2ITAuthor Commented:
Thanks Zoubi n sorry for late reply.

I still havent tried both the options you gave me but there cant be anything else I guess.

I guesss I will create the test site as soon as I find some time and that would prove me every thing.

Key2ITAuthor Commented:
Hi Zoubi77,

Can you please advise me if I use the same IIS location as the production site or do I need to create a new location in IIS? and if I use same location do I tick on " set as the default page for the IIS site"?

thank you.

When you start 'create site' manager, it automatically creates new IIS folder in Default site and you do not need to worry about messing the exsisting one. It you've set your production site to be default page, than you SHOULD NOT set your test site as primary.

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