color mismatch in scan oin HP CM1312nfi

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I have a CM1312nfi installed on the network
It is printing ok from all machines.
But when scanning (Import-Wia) the colors on the scanned image turns all green?
Running Photoshop CS4 on a Win7 (32bit) machine.
I have tried updating the driver, butr no change?

Doe3s anyone know a trick here?
Or what do I forget?

:-) Mads
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Sounds like a faulty scanner to me. Is it still under warranty?

What happens when you use it to copy a page? If that is green as well, then it;s definitely a faulty scanner.


Hi hdondt,

Thanks for your quick reply.
I did'nt test the copy, but your worry was right, unfortunately :-(
The copy is also green-in-green.

So you will mean that its a faulty device?
Yes, the device is faulty. If it's under warranty, take it back to the supplier or contact HP for repair/replacement.

If not under warranty, your repairer should be able to tell you whether it's cheaper to repair or to buy a new one.
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Thanks for your advices....

Anyway, I have now been in contact with HP support, and they guided me to an firmware update on the product.
And that solved my problem :-)

So I'm "back in business", after one hour, and a simple download... :-)
No faulty printer here!


How can I close the question?
I seems not correct to close it by pushing "YES" to "Is your question solved?" since the answer here did'nt help me, and the solution was due to external (HP) support....


Ehh, is there any ways to close a question, that was solved by help from another source?
Here's information on how to close your question. You can award the points to yourself (which will give you a refund of your points, too).


As stated in my comment, the advices from the forum was misleading and the problem was solved in cooperation with HP support people...

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