new macbook air 11.6 - question about bootcamp + SSD TRIM support

question 1) hello, is the MacOS in the new macbook air 11.6 support TRIM command for the SSD?

question 2) if I use windows 7 bootcamp in that macbook air , will windows 7 recognize the drive as SSD and therefore use TRIM command?

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OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.x currently does not have declared support for the TRIM command.

First and foremost, the memory controller for the SSD must support TRIM. OS X Snow Leopard now shows early signs of TRIM support implementation, but seems to incorrectly report the TRIM support status of supporting SSDs.

Currently, if the controller is TRIM capable and if you install Windows 7 on a Boot Camp partition, it will support the TRIM command, but only for the partition on which Windows 7 is installed.

Only time will tell whether Apple has included a TRIM capable controller in these models and plans to implement support in OS X itself.

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MichhohoAuthor Commented:
thanks. guess it's not time to buy any macs with ssd yet
I wouldn't go that far. While Apple has not been forthcoming with details on TRIM support in their controllers, software or OEM drives, there are good third party options.

OCZ has some great SSDs with a feature called garbage collection in the user-upgradeable firmware. Garbage Collection is firmware initiated and runs during times of low drive activity. This allows the controller to perform cleanup and keep the drive at peak performance. Simply leaving the laptop on overnight occasionally allows the controller to perform this maintenance.

These drives also support TRIM so when Apple does fully integrate TRIM support into the OS you can continue to use the same drive.

They are more cost effective than purchasing SSDs directly from Apple and I have received great customer support from OCZ.

There are many other quality SSDs with TRIM support for use with Windows 7 from manufacturers like Intel, Crucial and Samsung, but I don't know of any others with the garbage collection feature.
Can someone enlighten me on TRIM? I mean to be more specific, Windows 7 running under boot camp acts like any other PC. More interestingly, could parallels or vmware help here? I doubt it, because it's so low level...

Read the following link for a basic explanation of the command and its purpose.

It is not possible to run TRIM through VMWare or Parallels or any other form of virtualization. TRIM is an ATA command that must be issued by the host OS to the physical drive, and client OS's inside of VMWare do not have this type of access.
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