Shellexecute won't open a pdf on Vista

Language: VB6

We have a VB6 program installed in several thousand users in all versions of Windows. On all but one Vista machine the rutine works fine. The user had Adobe Acrobat 6 installed and then installed Adobe Acrobat 9. Double clicking on the file will open it in Acrobat 9. Shellexecute returns no error, so apparently it is working, it's just that nothing is opened.

This is the rutine. By the way, the same rutine is used for other types of files, and these all work.

Function ShellExe(FileName As String, sPath As String) As Long
Dim fff As Integer
Dim Scr_hDC As Long
Scr_hDC = GetDesktopWindow()
ShellExe = ShellExecute(Scr_hDC, "Open", FileName, "", sPath, 1)
If ShellExe = 2 Then
    fff = FreeFile
    Open sPath & "\" & FileName For Binary As fff
    Close fff
    ShellExe = ShellExecute(Scr_hDC, "Open", FileName, "", sPath, 1)
End If
End Function

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Does ShellExe/ShellExecute return a value greater than 32?

I'm not sure whether this is related - but is the contents of this registry key the same on working and the non-working machine?

Gary_NelsonAuthor Commented:
We were able to solve the problem by uninstalling Acrobat, manually removing the keys from the registry and reinstalling Acrobat.


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Gary_NelsonAuthor Commented:
The problem only ocurred in one machine and we were able to solve it by uninstalling Acrobat, removing the Acrobat keys from the registry and reinstalling Acrobat.
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