Windows does not save memory dump file after a crash

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I am facing the issue with few of our Windows 2003 server that the server are giving Blue Screen error whenever we reboot the servers but comes online properly once we do hard boot. I have enabled crash dump from system poperties but dmp file is not getting generated. I have tried and checked all the points mentioned in but nothing is helping.

I have also tried to generate the dump file manually as in but that also is not generating dump file.

Please suggest how to get the dump file so that I can analyse and get to the solution of the issue.

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To stop the BSODs from occuring - please update server BIOS and all drivers realted to that server model.

You may have greater success by configuring your system to generate small memory dumps instead.

These will be stored in %SystemRoot%\Minidump by default.


I have tried to configure the small dump as suggested but no use. I have attached the file with configuration which I hv done.  

There is no folder named Minidump so do I have to create a folder first.

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Also I would like to highlight that the STOP error is coming whenever I am rebooting th server. It appears just before system shuts down completely. Can it happen that as Windows 2003 is getting closed it is not able to generate crash dump and if yes how to rectify it.
Can you provide the details of the BSOD? Stop-Code, etc.?

Assuming its unable to write to the disk: follow 1stITMAN's suggestion and update the drivers and the BIOS for your disk subsystem and the BIOS of your system.

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Not all BSOD's create dmp files. Particularly Crashes caused by overheating won't. Also, the partition to which the dumps are written to should have enough free space and shouldn't be fragmented.
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If BSOD happens during startup or shut down then it will not be saved. Only BSOD happened in Windows are saving the dmp files. The system drive should have drive letter to get the dump saved there. And as you know the partition get the drive letter assigned only after you pass Windows logo screen.

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