Rename Windows Cluster Name on Exchange 2010 DAG

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I have a Exchang Server DAG on Windows 2008 R2 cluster server. By default if you configure Exchange DAG, the windows cluster name and DAG name will be identical. In my case for some how the name windows cluster name is different than Exchange DAG name. Now I am having problem in Symantec Exchange Backup Exec for pusing Agent on DAG. I want to rename Windows Cluster name as Exchange DAG Name. Can we rename Windows Cluster Name in DAG environmen easily? Are their any options or tools for it? Thanks,.
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Option is to remove exchange rename the server and install exchange I'm afraid....sorry
If you rename Windows Cluster virutal name, It will not come online. It will get failed with an error, Cluster Resource is not available. Even you restart both Exchange Nodes and register in DNS, you will recieve same error. I suggest to create a seperate mailbox store on single node and move all mailboxes to this store. Delete DAG Group and Mailbox Store. Recreate DAG with the name you require. Dont do any changes on Windows Cluster as it will be configure by itself. Add the newly created mailbox store to this DAG.

This is I belive a safe solution.

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