Windows 7 login error - HRESULT Error 0x8007ffff

Recently I purchased three HP ProBook 4425s laptops. I setup the first one just the way I wanted and then captured the image using MDT 2010. After the image was captured successfully, I rebooted the laptop. After the laptop rebooted and re-setup the devices and then a new user wizard opens up. I create a user account that didn't previously exist on the laptop. Afterwards, it brings me to that new user's desktop. Then I went to the Computer Management Local Users screen; and then I reactivated the Administrator account. Then I logged off the computer and tried to login using that Administrator account. After clicking the login button, I get the following error:

Windows Security
HRESULT Error 0x8007ffff

That's all the error shows and the only button you can click on is the OK button. There are no additional details. I know that I'm typing the correct password because when I type the wrong password, it tells me that the username and password are invalid.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
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Lee OsborneSenior Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
Well, you can also reset the password using a recovery CD that you can download from

Basically what you do is burn the ISO image you download and boot your PC from the CD.  You might have to configure your BIOS to boot from the CD drive.

There is a step-by-step walk through.  To view it go to, 
- The web page has a top and bottom frame.  So, scroll down that bottom frame and click "Password reset CD/bootdisk: Instructions & image to download."
- Then scroll down the bottom frame again and you should see, "How to use?
Please read the walthrough ..."
- Click "walthrough".
Also before doing anything just make sure you don't have "Caps Lock" on when retyping the password.  I know Windows 7 will warn you and say you have "Caps Lock" on but just in case it's not.
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mc3mcintyreAuthor Commented:
This is not a password problem.  The password I'm typing is correct.  If you read carefully, you will notice that I said:

"I know that I'm typing the correct password because when I type the wrong password, it tells me that the username and password are invalid."

That is a different error message.  I know what that error means.
@mc3mcintyre, you're right.  Sorry!
mc3mcintyreAuthor Commented:
The documentation that Microsoft has is insufficient to help me with this problem.

However, since I posted this initial question, I have completely wiped out the system and conducted a clean install. This time I installed it my way, without using what came with the HP laptop. After everything was installed, I captured the image with MDT 2010. No problems this time. All accounts are working properly.

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mc3mcintyreAuthor Commented:
Problem solved with a fresh install, even though I didn't want to go this route.

Uninstall :
-Device Access Manger for HP ProtectTools
-Privacy Manager for HP ProtectTools
-Drive Encryption for HP ProtectTools

Uninstal HP ProtectTools Security Manager

The problem is fixed.
mc3mcintyreAuthor Commented:

Thank you for posting your solution.  After months of trying to figure this out, and now that I have a new batch of HP computers to setup, your solution was the exact solution that I needed.  It worked like a charm.  If I could reassign the points awarded for this question, I would do that.  Thanks again.
These are the steps I took to resolve the issue. Some of these steps might not be necessary. But is worked for me.

Ran repair my computer. Then system restore. That didn't help. Repair my computer again an ran chkdsk on drive C. No errors found.  Booted into Safe Mode. (i didn't have any HP ProtectTools installed) Created a 2nd user account. Restarted the computer and logged into account that used to have the problem. Didn't even log into new user account.
Klaatu01Network Operations Center AnalystCommented:

If you have the "0x8007ffff" error and the coincides not with a case of using MDT 2010 but of getting 'Hard drive failure is imminent' error messages (from BIOS/DOS on a plain black screen at boot-time before the Windows logo appears), know this extra unhelpful scenario:

I replaced the hard drive not with a 640 GB version, but with a 500 GB model, and attempted using a set of Recovery DVDs made earlier by the user.  These disks worked but could not install the full version of the original system image.  To their credit, HP must have anticipated this somewhat because a "Minimized Recovery" option was shown and described as including Windows 7 and all the Drivers necessary to have a fully functional laptop.

However, after approximately two and a half hours of Recovery, the process indicated 'Recovery NOT completed' with "Save Log", "Details" and "Retry" buttons showing.  I saved the Log and attempted to view it, but the files dumped onto the external Thumb Drive were in a .Zip file and password protected (really unhelpful!).

So I went for the "Retry" option and was prompted to insert the #1 Recovery disks again, but then the process DID complete and the system rebooted to a 'Preparing Windows for first use ...' series of screens.  It was like the Recovery process first reported 'No it didn't work' and then 'Yes it did work', a very disconcerting thing to get FROM a software-based process of this importance!

Ultimately the system is bootable and I was able to create a new user account with password that works, but there is a problem with the Partitioning of the new 500 GB hard drive and I will attach a screen capture of this as evidence.  The 500 GB volume was partitioned strangely with 76 GB for Windows 7 (drive "C:", NTFS) and 18 GB for the "Recovery" partition (drive letter "F:") with 369 GB Unallocated and not resizeable!

I called HP, spoke to a Technical Support agent and the outcome of the seemed to be I needed to order Recovery media from them for FREE plus $16.95 shipping and handling.  Although I agree with this recommendation, I am not prepared to spend additional money on a just-over one year old laptop without first consulting with its owner.

I find it truly amazing that a Pavilion dv7-4157cl "Entertainment Notebook" would have a hard drive failure after only thirteen months of use!  The owner is a police officer and explained to me this laptop stayed in the dining room/kitchen area of their home and was mostly used to play movies from the DVD drive for their child.  This seems like a relatively low demand use for the notebook and my opinion is the hard drive should have held out for at least three years before developing problems.

MY RECOMMENDATION: Get the Recovery Media from HP even if you already made a set of five (5) Recovery disks yourself, and keep all of these things together in a safe place.

Also think about buying a replacement 640 GB or larger hard drive as soon as you can afford one and setting this aside for later use, unless the Notebook computer is already over two years old and working fine.

Best wishes,

(unable to attach file. may try again later as advised)
Sandy SailerWebSailer Web DesignCommented:
I tried to follow the following suggestion, but I can't even find HP ProectTools on my PC.  I can't find it in control panel - programs, or in msconfig.  Does anybody else have any other ideas?  This windows security error message is driving me crazy!!!
Hey guys.

Thanks for your suggestions, but I too found that, once I managed to boot the HP laptop into safemode with command prompt, typed "explorer" at the prompt, then once the windows desktop loaded up, I was then able to go into the Control Panel and have a look for the above mentioned programs to uninstall. None of the suggested programs were actually in the list!
Feeling again frustrated, I then thought, how about have a look at just creating a new password on the user accounts. I then rebooted the laptop, entered in the new password and everything booted up as normal.

Hope this may help someone in the future.
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