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I am in the process of learing Filemaker Pro 11 but I do not seem to find much material available on the net. I bought a book from the missing manual series for Filemaker Pro 11. It helped me get started, but I wanted to learn more about the scripting portion of Filemaker Pro 11. Do you know of any good site (free if possible) that deals with Filemaker Pro 11 Scripting? Or even a good book that focuses on Filemaker Pro 11 Scripting?
Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
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The best site I have found to get development understanding is

You can look around for free but if you want to view complete lessons you need to pay $24 per quarter. If you are intent on a crash course you be able to master everything on the site in 3 months or less. I think it is well worth your money since it creates great development discipline.
A really excellent site for free Filemaker learning is  (go to the Blog for excellent articles and 'how to's.

Also, I learned a great deal from Filemaker's own Training Series - this is the link to the UK version, but the US has a version also:

It's a book with sample files that covers all aspects of Filemaker development.  Once you've worked through this book you could go on to gain Filemaker certification.  

Good luck.

I think the manual Tocacar suggest is the best I have found, but it cost about $99...

For a free source, Filemaker has a PDF file that explains every script step with an example

Once you know the step you are looking for, and want more help, doing a search on the correct step name and the word "Filemaker" will usually give you lots of links on the internet.

Hope this helps!


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