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TSQL decimal input parameter when doing a select statement problem

I'm trying to create a recordset from within an ASP page which should return some value when I pass in a decimal. I am getting some bizarre error when doing so. I imagine this may have to do with setting the parameter correctly. The parameter is TotalPrice below.

Can you please advise:

set sp_select_product_bundle = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command")
      sp_select_product_bundle.ActiveConnection = MY_SQL_STRING
      sp_select_product_bundle.CommandText = "SQL123.sp_bbb_select_product_bundle"
      sp_select_product_bundle.CommandType = 4
      sp_select_product_bundle.CommandTimeout = 0
      sp_select_product_bundle.Prepared = true
      sp_select_product_bundle.Parameters.Append sp_select_product_bundle.CreateParameter("@RETURN_VALUE", 3, 4)
      sp_select_product_bundle.Parameters.Append sp_select_product_bundle.CreateParameter("@TotalPrice", 14, 1,2,sp_select_product_bundle__TotalPrice)
      sp_select_product_bundle.Parameters.Append sp_select_product_bundle.CreateParameter("@DomainPurchased", 11, 1,1,sp_select_product_bundle__DomainPurchased)
      set RS_ProductBundle = sp_select_product_bundle.Execute
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what error are you getting?

I bet you are using dreamweaver!
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     sp_select_product_bundle.Parameters.Append sp_select_product_bundle.CreateParameter("@TotalPrice", 14, 1,2,sp_select_product_bundle__TotalPrice)

Wouldn't 2 be too small a size for something like "total" price?

Size: Sets or returns the maximum size in bytes or characters of a value in a Parameter object

You have allowed a sum total of 2 bytes...
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Sorry that was actually set to 8 - but same error
Set it back to 8 and still get the following error:

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80040e21'

Multiple-step OLE DB operation generated errors. Check each OLE DB status value, if available. No work was done.
If you want a recordset, you need to use Open, not Execute

      set RS_ProductBundle = sp_select_product_bundle.Open
Is this relating to decimal? I've got over 100 stored procedures which return recordsets and they all use Execute without a problem.
Next, verify that the SP runs correctly in SSMS

exec SQL123.sp_bbb_select_product_bundle 123.45, 1

(fake values for total and purchased)

If that also works, then try changing this to smallint.  I have trouble sometimes with bit/boolean fields.

Dim purchased
If sp_select_product_bundle__DomainPurchased then purchased = 1 else purchased = 0
      sp_select_product_bundle.Parameters.Append sp_select_product_bundle.CreateParameter("@DomainPurchased", 2, 1,1, purchased)
When running this

exec SQL123.sp_bbb_select_product_bundle 123.45, 1

Check how many resultsets are generated by the SP, including informational messages like
(3) rows affected.  If it generates multiple of these, you need to add SET NOCOUNT ON in the SP.
It runs fun from within SSMS.
Do i have to set precision and scale for a select?
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>>Do i have to set precision and scale for a select?<<
Whenever you use decimal data type you must set precision and scale.
I am starting the self-close process on this question because it appears to me that you have answered your own question.
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