VS2010 VB.Net Report Services problem with List control

I have a report that I am designing in VS2010 using vb.net winform.
All was going well until I tried to put a list control on the report form. It won't put a list control on the body of the form. When I drag a list control it will put a rectangle on the form.

 I tried the same with VS2008 with the correct results - it put a list on the form.

I tried the same with another machine using VS2010, this also failed.
Is this a bug or do I have a local problem?
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käµfm³d 👽Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is a screenshot of what my test produced. Perhaps the list control is there, but is for some reason maximized to the report body? Can you mouse over the border and resize?
milkwoodAuthor Commented:
If you right-click on it does it show "list"
milkwoodAuthor Commented:
I have tried with various versions of VS2010 including the trial version installed on a virtualPC  and I am getting the same problem.
Your image shows a grid on the report body, I am not getting this
milkwoodAuthor Commented:
I also find that Matrix will be put as a Tablix
milkwoodAuthor Commented:
THanks but it didn't resolved I had to reinstall VS
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