Restrict attachment in Lotus Notes

I need to restrict the ability to attach files to a group of Lotus Notes users.  I would prefer a  notes.ini solution if possible.  Maybe a rule? Validation script?  Pls help.  
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RonaldZaalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Maybe you can use this < I use a function in the send action or query save or somthing:
Call checkFileExtensions(doc,lang) , this is to check what the user has attached.
You can update the code to check the user / group and or the sort of attachments he/she may send out.

Sub checkFileExtensions(doc As NotesDocument, lang As String)
	Dim i As Integer
	Dim ext As String
	Dim extString As String
	Dim profile As NotesDocument
	Set profile = doc.ParentDatabase.GetProfileDocument("nApplicationProfile")
	Dim AllowedExtensionsList List As String

' HERE you could use a Notes.INI setting

	Forall e In profile.AllowedExtensions
		AllowedExtensionsList(e) = "1"
		If extString = "" Then
			extString = e
			extString = extString + ", " + e
		End If
	End Forall
	' Fichier à exclure de l'impression	
	Dim filesToExclude List As String
	Forall file In doc.filesToExclude
		filesToExclude(file) = "1"
	End Forall
	Dim fileList List As String
	i = 0
	Forall RTItem In doc.Items
		If RTItem.Type = RICHTEXT Then
			If Isarray(RTItem.EmbeddedObjects) Then
				Forall Object In RTItem.EmbeddedObjects
					If  Object.Type = EMBED_ATTACHMENT Then
						If Not Iselement (filesToExclude(Object.Source)) Then
							' Test si l'extension fait partie des extensions autorisées
							ext = Lcase(Strrightback(Object.Source,"."))
							If Not Iselement (AllowedExtensionsList(ext)) Then
								i = i + 1
								fileList(Cstr(i)) = Object.Source
							End If
						End If
					End If
				End Forall
			End If
		End If
	End Forall
	' constitue le texte du message
	Dim msgString As String
	Dim msgString_En As String
	msgString = "Le fichier attaché : " + Chr(13)  + Chr(13)
	msgString_En = "The file attached : " + Chr(13)  + Chr(13)
	Forall f In fileList
		msgString = msgString + " - " + f  + Chr(13)
		msgString_En = msgString_En + " - " + f  + Chr(13)
	End Forall
	msgString = msgString + Chr(13) + "n'a pas une extension supportée pour l'impression du dossier CIM"  + Chr(13) + Chr(13)
	msgString = msgString + "Seules les extensions : " + extString + " sont supportées" + Chr(13)
	msgString = msgString + "Vous pouvez remplacer le fichier par un format supporté, par exemple :" + Chr(13)
	msgString = msgString + " - En l'incluant dans un fichier Word" + Chr(13)
	msgString = msgString + " - En le transformant en fichier pdf" + Chr(13) + Chr(13)
	msgString = msgString + "Pour gérer l'exclusion du fichier de l'impression, utiliser le bouton [Outils\Impression dossier CIM ... ] " + Chr(13)
	msgString_En = msgString_En + Chr(13) + "is not a supported extension to be printed in the CIM file"  + Chr(13) + Chr(13)
	msgString_En = msgString_En + "Only the file extensions : " + extString + " are supported" + Chr(13)
	msgString_En = msgString_En + "You can change the file by a supported file extension, for example :" + Chr(13)
	msgString_En = msgString_En + " - To include it in a Word document" + Chr(13)
	msgString_En = msgString_En + " - By transforming it into a PDF file" + Chr(13) + Chr(13)
	msgString_En = msgString_En + "To exclude the file from printing, use the button [Tools\Print CIM file ... ] " + Chr(13)
	If lang = "En" Then msgString = msgString_En
	If i > 0 Then
		Msgbox  msgString , 48 , "Attention" 
	End If
End Sub

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The only solution that I have seen was based on computed subforms, containing a variant of the same richtext lite field: one with, one without attachments enabled.
That should work for you if you need it for a single custom application. It may not be a good idea if you also need it for mail, document libraries, team room etc. as well.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
You might try with TriggerHappy ( Happy) to intercept a mail, but I don't know what the possibilities are to modify or even block the mail.

You could also try to develop "the real thing", i.e. an Extension Manager DLL that attaches itself to the database(s) on your server. It can intercept and alter all mails... but it's not an easy project (read: several months maybe).
royrubioAuthor Commented:
Any more ideas please?
royrubioAuthor Commented:
Not exactly the solution I wanted to know.
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