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Help with Left Joins / Cross Joins T-SQL to LINQ

Hi Experts,

Newbie to LINQ and would love to know how to replicate this little query as a LINQ query.

I just can't seem to get it


SELECT tt.intTagID, tt.vchTag as [Tag], count(ttt.intTagID2) as [Count Tags]
FROM DT_tblTags tt LEFT JOIN (
							SELECT intTagID, intTagID2
							FROM DT_tblRelTags_Tags ttin
							WHERE ttin.intTagID = ISNULL(@intTagID, ttin.intTagID)
							) ttt
	ON tt.intTagID = ttt.intTagID
GROUP BY tt.intTagID, tt.vchTag, tt.intCompanyID
HAVING tt.vchTag LIKE '%' + @vchTagPart + '%'
AND tt.intCompanyID = @intCompanyID

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