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Xenapp 5 - running an app from an ICA file.

Hi Guys.

I'm running a Xenapp 5.0 farm on server 2008, and we have one odd requirement to launch an app from an ICA file which then connects to an older Citrix server (in another farm) hosted by a 3rd party (not sure what version of Citrix, but it runs on NT4.0!). I do not have any access to (from an admin perspective) tothe external farm.

I've got the app to launch and run successfully, the only functionality that doesn't work is that the app has an 'export to Excel' function, and when this is selected, nothing happens.

Excel is installed on my Xenapp5 server, and I have other apps published on my farm that have similar interaction with Excel and work OK on this box. I've also tested this by directly running the ICA on the server, rather than published with the same results.

This has worked previously, the only thing that has changed is that I am now publishing the ICA file from a different box (I wasn't given a copy of the original ICA file, only the connectivity info), which makes me think the 3rd party app is ok, but I need to change something my end, probably in the ICA file.

The ICA file config is -


PersistentCachePath=C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\ICAClient\Cache


WinStationDriver=ICA 3.0

Thank you for reading, and any thoughts would be appreciated,
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Was just wondering if you have Excel installed (ansd oublished) on the older server (in another farm) or not. I would have thought it will look to run Excel from there (and not from your Xenapp5 server).

Just the thought I could be wrong.
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Hi tk36,

That is a question I am trying to get answered, but as yet I haven't had any response.

However, what makes me think that it isn't running from there is that this was working previously and only stopped working when we started running the ICA file from my new Citrix server, so I am assuming (!) nothing has changed their end.

If some clarity can be provided as to the way this would work in both situtaions (ie a) excel running locally, and b) citrix running remotely) that would be a great help.

Hi Dave,

What happens if you run the application from the ICA file ( double click to run the file not as a published application), wil the excel bit work?

I have not published ica file before...Sounded complicated as user will have to connect to your Xenapp farm first to run applicaiotn from another farm...

By running the ica file user will be running applicaiton from the third party farm directly and the Export to Excel might just work.

Thanks tk36,

When I just run the ICA file, the same thing happens. Or doesn't happen as the case may be :-) , as nothing happens when the 'export to excel' bit is selected (although the app itself runs OK).

I am sure this is tied into session sharing in some way (?), but I've got another app on the same server that calls Excel and that works OK, and we've not made any policy changes to our farm in that respect.

Thanks again mate,

This link is interesting, authough it is most likely a different application (same symptom)
The bit about copying the dll file from the applicaiton to the local System32.

Check it out

Thanks for that link tk36.

It pointed me toward getting Process Monitor on the case and I've been trawling through the activity log to see if there's anything permissions-wise that might be causing the problem.

I can't actually see the wfica32 calling Excel, let alone failing, so I guess this means it's running on the external citrix farm? What do you think?

If that's the case, what should I be asking them to check? Is this related to content redirection?

Thanks again for your help mate.
And may be you can ask them to 'enable content redirection from server to client' for this application.

I don't have direct experience with 'Export to Excel' on the Citrix....Sorry can't be a lot of help.

The other thing you might wat to try is to add the <path to Excel>\excel.exe to a user's Path to mack sure that if Excel is called it can be run.  
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