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How Do Edit the width of the "Update View" Gridview on an 3.5 web page

I want to reduce the width on the cells in an gridview control. I was able to do this for the display template, but once the user clicks on edit , the width is much bigger.
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You should be able to do this via the gridview row editing command in the code behind or in the editing row style in the properties of the control.  It should be no different for the display template.  When you edit the template you should see the edit columns also. However columns that the data values are to large may override your changes.  Can you provide your code?
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How can I make only a few columns editable??
In the gridview templates view you can change the editable controls (ie text boxes etc... to label controls so they only show the data.  You should also probably change your datasource so it doesn't update the fields also.
I just see emptydatatemplate and pagertemplate.
Did you convert your columns to template fields after you setup your datasource?  You can do this by editing the columns in the gridview.  Select the column and then check the convert to template box.  They should then be available.
I am using vs 2010 , i re configured the data source but didnt see the convert to template option>?
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