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I'm using Redhat Linux. I connect to a workstation connected to my Linux server in the same office from my house using Logmein Pro. I can print to my local printer at home when it is a windows print job. However, I have a program I am running that uses the Linux printer and need to be able to send that job to my printer at home. I am using XP Pro at home and my printers can hook up directly or through a network connection on my router. I can't use any kind of VPN connection or SSH. Well, at least, the office suite we are in won't allow any incoming remote connections. I can get whatever outgoing ports opened that I may need. Can anyone suggest the simplest way to make this happen? Thanks.
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nociConnect With a Mentor Software EngineerCommented:
You can try to use NX between your workstation and the linux server. That more or less works the same way as rdp on windows. Including allow printing to the connected system, (your desktop, remote) if that one prints to your printer at home....

This is the only solution I can think of in the ad-hoc department. The better way is to organize an IPSEC tunnel between your home & your office. If that doesn't work you can't have an IP connection anyway (but you allready home one now...) IPSEC tunnels are tranparent for IP traffic.
You do need a IPSEC terminating box on your office though.
DoasliAuthor Commented:
I was thinking I would receive an e-mail when there was a post. Sorry for the delay and thanks for responding.

I have less experience with Linux than a novice might, so please bear with me. Let me clarify my situation. I have a Redhat Linux box at the office on a network. I am accessing a Windows XP workstation at the office from home using Logmein Pro. I have one Windows XP computer at home and an HP P3005DN printer with a built-in jetdirect. It doesn't matter if I hook up the printer with the Jetdirect or USB to my computer at home, I just need to be able to printer my reports at the office to my printer at home. I can successfully print anything at the office that uses the Windows printer drivers through Logmein Pro. However, anything using the Linux printers will not print.

If NX will solve the problem that will be great. The Linux box and workstation at the office is hooked into a network using Cisco equipment that is maintained by the complex so it is very difficult to get them to change anything. We can get on the internet with no problem, by the way at the office. I was able to finally get them to open up one port that is used by a particular program, but it took 4 weeks to finally get them to do it. They did it immediately when I called them, but it was after 4 weeks of frustration and them trying to avoid it. So, ideally the solution would not require opening in additional ports, but it's not out of the question. They will not allow any type of VPN or Remote Desktop connection, which is the reason we are using Logmein Pro. They wouldn't even allow that at first, but again after 4 weeks of frustration they finally relented.

Anyway, if you are anyone can offer a very basic walkthrough, it would be most appreciated.
nociConnect With a Mentor Software EngineerCommented:
Not allow VPN/Remote desktop and do allow logmein? Oh keeeej.
With VPN & remote logins at least there is no man in the middle....

NX is like Remote desktop for windows.
But it has a twist.... it uses ssh as a carrier. So if you can get SSH access (port 22), and do disallow root logins to your system, and have no obvious easy guessable passwords or passwordless accounts you are fairly safe.
You can also request a dedicated allow that will allow access from a fixed address (f.e. you home address)...

the NX client initiates a link to the server using ssh, and then starts an X session over the connection back to you. The NX-client also handles samba shares, printing etc. over that ssh connection.
There is a free nxserver for up to two users concurrently available.

If you cannot get nx from home, use nx in the office to get from your windows system to the linux system.
NX comes from
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