An ActiveX control on this page might be unsafe


I am creating an html file through SAS and when trying to open it receive the following popup:
"An ActiveX control on this page might be unsafe to interact with other parts of the page. Do you want to allow this interaction? Y/N"

I am running Internet Explorer version 8.0.  Is it possible to stop this popup from being populated through a registry change?

SASnewbieData Analyst - Project Management OfficeAsked:
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What zone is this site in in your browser?

Add it to the Trusted Site, and go to IE Options>Security>Trusted Sites>Custom Level>and toggle the ones underneath the Active X Controls and Plugins, to Enabled.....

Remember you only do this on sites you Trust, hence only modifying in that zone....
ALL Active-X controls are "unsafe" to some degree or other, since it is MS's way of making the web page interact with their operating system in a way that IS UNSAFE when you consider the sandbox model that a website should NEVER be allowed to touch or affect the user's system -- period -- i.e. no exceptions.

Pages that use Active X don't work on other browsers but IE, so you are ORPHANING your web page by using them at all.
SASnewbieData Analyst - Project Management OfficeAuthor Commented:
I am running a html file locally, it is stored on my desktop.  
When I try to reference the html file located on my desktop it gives me the Internet Explorer ActiveX control warning.  
Do you know of a registry change to disable the ActiveX control popup?  I have tried changing the settings in IE 8 Internet Options with no luck.  
The program that I am using to run this functionality is SAS, if that helps.
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Aloysius LowCommented:
i believe that regardless, as long as you are opening a webpage that resides on your local machine, you'll get that prompt... and that there's no way of disabling it - it's microsoft's way of trying to alert you to potentially harmful content
Post a screenshot please.....

Youre dealing with the local machine security zone, which cannot be modified via IE Options, like it was in IE6..... Only other options I can think of is the IE>Tools>Options>Advanced, and all the way in the last section, "Allow Active Content to run in files in My Computer".....
SASnewbieData Analyst - Project Management OfficeAuthor Commented:
Hi all,

Attached are screenshots of the pop up messages...

In the Trust Center in Outlook, you can allow Programmatic Access to Outlook's files....

I dont think that you can modify the zones in the Local Computer Zone....
SASnewbieData Analyst - Project Management OfficeAuthor Commented:
What I am looking for is the changes that should be made to the windows registry. I have asked that this question be added to the Windows Operating System Development site.

Understand what youre asking for, and I will continue researching... IE8 changed the way the local machine zone is handled, INCLUDING via the registry.....
SASnewbieData Analyst - Project Management OfficeAuthor Commented:
Hi johnb6767,

Thank you very much!!!

Ok... From what I can tell, if you modify "Run ActiveX controls and Plugins", to "Enable", in the Trusted Zone, it modifies the DWORD Value "1200" to "0x0" in here....

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Zones\2\

Notice the 2? Thats the Trusted Sites zone in IE. Local Computer Zone is "0"....

So from the looks of it, this might be worth testing.... However......


MS closed the security on the Local Computer Zone for a reason, so hacking a method to get your scripts to work, defeats the purpose. It all too often looks like they are making things harder on us,. but in reality they are trying to HELP make thier systems more secure......

With that said.....


reg add "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Zones\0" /v "1200" /t reg_dword /d "0x0" /f

Good luck......

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SASnewbieData Analyst - Project Management OfficeAuthor Commented:
Hi johnb6767,

Going to have to try another method.

I am going to close this question and award you points for all your help and the knowledge you have shared.

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