SBS 2008 INSTALL - No drives found

I am installing windows 2008 sbs on a new dell poweredge t310 server with 3 x 250gb, 7.2k, 3.5" SATA drives.
Install stops at the first hurdle - no drives found
I have downloaded the driver from the dell website (SATA_FRMW_WIN_R239679.exe), saved to a USB key, clicked the load driver option on the install page, browsed to the root of the usb key where the driver is saved and still get the message 'no device drivers were found'
I am guessing this is because the drivers download is an .exe but this appears ot be the only available driver download from dell for this and appears to be an update to an existing driver!!  I'm sure i'm not the first so if you cna point me in the right direction to download a driver in the correct format it would be much appreciated
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uescompConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yeah just pop in the dell management disk, it will have a little guide for you to step through, it will also ask you what OS you want to install, choose the right one and on reboot it will eject the disk, take it out and pop in the OS and sit back, SBS servers are all mainly wizard based.  If you try to do things manually you can run into problems.
did you run the dell management software first before installing the OS?  The dell management disk configures your drives and loads the drivers for you (preps the server for the OS install).
amcconkeyAuthor Commented:
no..probably clear already i'm a first timer!!  will let you know, thanks
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also when the OS is installed and you can boot into windows, put the dell management disk back in and install the dell management tools, this is used for troubleshooting later on with the raid to see if hard drives are having problems etc.
amcconkeyAuthor Commented:
Thanks, OS currently installing...knew there had to be a simple answer!!
PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
ues got you headed down the easy path, but just some information on what you tried first:

The file SATA_FRMW_WIN_R239679.exe is a firmware update, not a driver.  It is also for SATA hard drives, not the controller.  And  you're right ... exe's cannot be used as drivers during OS install.  The file you would have needed would be the chipset driver (if using the onboard controller - drives connected directly to the motherboard), but I doubt you would need them for 2008.  If you have an actual RAID controller you would have needed to go to the Drivers and Downloads page for the T310 (below) and found the DRIVER for the RAID controller that you have.
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