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Why do I keep getting an element shift after the page loads?

I am creating a gallery but when the page loads, the upper left margin in the caption section shifts to the right.
From what I can speculate, I have a reset included from the YUI library followed by my own custom CSS styles.
On load the reset is put in place followed by my CSS which is what is causing the shift.
I am going to use the reset on the rest of my site so I would like to keep it in place if need be I will remove it if given a work around.

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Sudaraka Wijesinghe
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try setting width to 1240px in .galleria-info-text instead of 100%
It's in line 133
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It might not have anything to do with it, but not having a doctype can cause some wacky display issues.

Try replacing line 1 with:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">

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@ s8web I am using an HTML5 doctype.

@ level9wizard I am using CSS3 styles or vender spastic prefixes and I don't think the validator  will keep those up.

@  sudaraka I would like to keep the width of the page in relative values as I would like the page to resize depending on the screen in which the user is viewing it on.
Thanks, I just learned something :)
Problem is as I see you have the .galleria-info-text DIV set to 100% with initially and some piece of code is setting it to fixed width 1240px (in the 1280px resolution I use, I guess it's leaving 20px space on either side).

So to avoid the "shift", what you need to do is have the similar style initially, I think having 20px margin on either side of .galleria-info-text will do.
Then of cause you need to get rid of that when the code that set the fixed width executes, maybe you can capture that even and set the margin to auto at that point or avoid the fixed with setting at all.
@sudaraka I have tried your suggestions and the shift still takes place. I have placed a 40px margin on the  .galleria-info-text DIV set to 100%. the element shift still takes place.
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Sudaraka Wijesinghe
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Thank you so much. I haven been at this for quite sometime.
Glad to help. Thanks for the point.