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windows 2003 server / exchange routing group failed

we have 2 microsoft windows 2003 servers in 2 different physical locations. One of our servers is responsible for receiving all of the email for our domain, and we have configured a routing group to forward all email for local users of our other server, which is using the same domain name.

This has been working fine for the paste couple of years.

The problem is that email for our second server is not now being recieved at the second server. I can see nothing under the actual Routing Group itself, but we can see dozens of emails stuck in our first servers queue - ie Server Routing Group Queue with unreachable destinations..

All of the queues in our second server are clear.

We have found that when we kill the process "inetinfo" it automatically restarts itself and then when we have refreshed the queues, the mail that was stuck in the unreachable queue is transferred to the correct active queue and messages start being handed off again.

Shortly after the process happens again. ie mail builds up in the unreachable destination queue again, etc.

Can anyone assist in how we go about troubleshooting this problem, as we need to get mail flowing 2 our remote site ASAP.
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What do the event logs say?
When it stalls, is inetinfo using a high ammount of memory or cpu?
Check these, and let us know
Please check if second server is reachable from the first server.
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I have enclosed a copy of some of the entries in both the application and system logs. They are in the order as they were in the actual logs, ie most recent first. These are replicated many times throught the log.

inetcfg is running at 0% activity according to task manager, however, when we kill it and restrat it, it does show some activity, but not high.

The server generally seems to run slowly almost stopping at times and then frees up again, although I cannot see any particular process that is responsible for this.

I hope the event logs help.
Is this server running any new or updated AV software.  Maybe just disable it as a temp step to see if that is an issue.  Also is there a reason for not doing Outlook Anywhere(Http/RPC) rather than this messy exchange config.
I have run the Exchange BPA tool and one of the errors indicated that we should set the permissions on the Mail Store to Allow inheritable permissions from parent to propagate to this object. This error indicates that this may produce mail flow problems.

However, I have checked this, and it is already set, but the BPA says it is not???

We are running AVG on both servers, but this has been working for some time.

We have 2 physicall sites with a number of users at each, running OWA is not really a viable option for us.

I could remove the anti virus for a time, but I am concerned about leaving the store exposed.
it looks like network or permission level problem. please check if second server is reachable through network for all exchange services.

I have noticed that our internet service is alos running very slowly.
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how do I check that the second server is reachable through the network for "all exchange services"?

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through telnet and tracert command you can check the network routes.
please try to check the routes
I have run the winroute utility and it confirms that the routing connector is not connected.

If we reset the inetinfo service, the routing group connector shows the emails in the correct queue. At this time winroute shows that the routing connector is connected.

After leaving for a few mins, the e-mails jump to the unreachable destination queue, and on checking the winroute utility again, it shows that the routing connector is no longer connected with a red cross.

Our internet service is running much slower than usual, and I have requested a test by our service provider. In the meantime to check the theory, can we increase the timeouts on each server?

If so, how do we do this?

please advise.
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reset the smtp timeout to 20 mins and it worked all through the night. came in this morning and it was still working.

decided to troubleshoot the under laying speed issue which we found was an external dns issue. replaced the external dns with the google open dns and it worked fine.

however on reconnecting the internet connection to the network, the problem seems to have returned. mail builds up in the routing connector queue and eventually gets passed to the messages with unreachable destination queue.

any other ideas?
all helped thanks.