URL Content Filter on Draytek 2820


I know how to set up the URL content filter and it works, but just wondering if there is a way to apply that content filter to WAN2 only and not WAN1. Reason being that WAN2 is 3G USB modem backup with a limited data bundle, so don't want peeps downloading movies, games etc when WAN1 fails.

Any ideas?
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The only way I can think of to do it would be

Create a filter using p2p objects to block traffic. (object settings > p2p object)
set bandwidth limits (bandwidth management > bandwidth limit
then create a QOS on the 3g wan
bandwidth management > Quality of service to ensure you key services have as much bandwidth as they need,

This wouldnt stop people doing big downloads it wouild just extend the time it takes. The main problem would be to decrease the bandwidth once the 3g kicks in. The qos setup would help this a little by pre allocating bandwidth to other servers etc.
Failing that you could contact draytek supprt about a feature request as a content and url filter against different wans is a great idea!

aarmstr2Author Commented:
Thanks, they said basically the URL content filter is for all WAN's so put in feature request.
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