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Install ubantu at window 7

Hello Sir
I am using windows 7.and i have only one partition of my Hard Disk (Only C:) .Now i want to use ubantu along with this window.But i cant two partition of my hard disk ,Is it possible to install two OS in one drive .If can then please tell me how to install this .
Thanks and regards
Aasim Afridi
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From what I remember there is an option to install Ubuntu inside windows if you are using the the 10.x versions.
You get some performance hit doing this but it may be your best option if you are unable to partition your drive.
Is there any reason why partitioning is not possible?
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Install Windows Virtual PC from the Microsoft Website. Then you can install on the virtual machine the Ubuntu OS, by having access to all computer's resources and you won't need dual boot.
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Hello Sir
I do not create new partition because in This drive(C:) stored more data and In my laptop One click window installation facility .When i will be install window using this button then it will be merged  into single drive automatically so i do not want to create new partition so Please tell me how to install it.
You are asking in above question window version I am using windows 7 so please tell me where will this option to install Ubantu
Thanks And Regards
Aasim Afridi

Virtual pc would be a great idea, free microsoft product. VMware would be another allbeit chargeable option. You could also try partion magic to create a new partion
If you don't want to create a second partition,
i suggest a virtual solution like virtual pc or vmware, both it is free. Vmware has one edition free, VMware Player.
Also you can create a vhd file and you can attach it in your win 7 like hdd (virtual) and in that vhd you have the ubuntu OS.
Check this link
 I have done the example but not with another OS than Microsoft's. Maybe it works.
Give a try.

Another option that hasn't yet been mentioned would be to install Ubuntu on an external USB drive.  This could either be a normal USB key/thumb/pen drive, or a standard hard drive connected via USB.  Instructions on how to do this can be found here:
And yet another option would be a live disc bootable from the cd drive on bootup

Not ideal but an easy option!
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I should have said, the URL in my previous post is a Windows executable so you can download and install directly from your desktop.