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In order to perform a Vlookup AFTER filtering the data I need that the Value for wich I'm filtering the data in Cell G12 is showed in Cell G3...(It only should happen when the filter is applied in cell G12...when filtering by other column in row 12 there is no need to show the FILTER value in G3.

It is possible ?.

Thank you for your time,
1 Solution
you can use the conditional formatting command from FORMAT / CONDITIONAL FORMATTING
PabilioAuthor Commented:
Hi sivaparanur,

What formula should I put in conditional formatting in order to obtain the filtered value in Cell G3 ??... and in which (s)  cell (s)  should I do it ?

I don't think that could be done by conditional formatting... but I could be wrong.
Patrick MatthewsCommented:
Pabilio,It would be useful to see some sample data and/or a sample file.  EE now allows you to directly upload files to your question.Please be advised that once you upload a file, it can be publicly accessed, and that it may not be possible to fully and permanently delete it.  The file may also be indexed by the major search engines.  Therefore, be very careful about posting proprietary, confidential, or other sensitive information.  If necessary, use "fake" and/or obfuscated data in your sample.Please note that at present EE restricts uploads to certain file types.  If your file type does not match those in the list, you can use instead, which is not officially an EE site, but is run by people connected to EE.Patrick
Rory ArchibaldCommented:
Have a look at my sample code in this PAQ: http:/Q_26589084.html
PabilioAuthor Commented:
Hi Rorya,
I only changed a bit the formula in order to show an Empty cell when Filter is Off:   =Filtername("";E4)
Not sure if this is right, but is working as I need.
Thank you for your help...
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