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Word 2010 - Labels Error


I have a user that is getting this error:

There is a problem with the label information you are trying to use. You may be able to correct the problem by repairing office or by reinstalling the label information.

When doing this in Word 2010:

Mailing Tab, then clicking on Labels.

Google only brought up 2 results, both for Word 2007 which I tried to no avail.

1. Rename the PAGESIZE folder, repair Office, reboot
2. Deleting a file called pgcustom.xml in Appdata (no such file on the system at all)

At a loss, not sure what else to try?
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Click Start, and then click Run.
Click Browse.
Locate the Office folder, click the Winword.exe file, and then click Open. The Winword.exe file is located in the following folder by default:
Microsoft Office Word 2010
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14
Note The path to Winword.exe is enclosed in quotation marks.
Click in the Open box, and then reposition the insertion point outside of (to the right of) the closing quotation mark at the end of the path statement.
Type a space, followed by the switch that you want to use.

For example, if you want to start Word and prevent the loading of add-ins and global templates, type the following in the Open box, including the quotation marks:
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Winword.exe" /a
Note If a 32-bit version of Office is installed on a 64-bit computer, the program files folder is “Program Files (x86).”
Let me know if that works
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I'm not sure what you are suggesting I do, open word with the /a switch?
and then try the labels, if that does not work, then try running a repair on MS Office through add/remove programs
Same error with the /a switch. Already tried a repair :(
can you try to do labels under another profile?
Doesnt work as admin either.
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This was OEM.

I guess a reinstall is in order afterall...
I'm sorry to say but I think that is your only option at this point my friend, you did some good research before asking here.
Reinstall did it :)