Outlook 2007 marking emails in outbox a read, therefore they do not send

The act of opening the outbox folder marks one of the emails as "read" which means it does not get sent.  Single clicking on any email in the outbox will mark that item as read will do the same thing, even though there is no preview pane and the message is not actually being opened.

All add-ins have been disabled and the behavior persists.

Security software is Microsoft Security Essentials.

This is a critical issue as it is extremely easy for people to accidentally do this and then time-sensitive emails are not being sent out.

Outlook 2007, Windows 7 Professional, Home Premium, and XP Professional and Home Premium.
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minganoConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Bug in 2007.  Microsoft's solution is to buy newer version of software.
What type of email server are you using? One suggestion I have is to decrease the amount of time between send and receive intervals in the account options. It doesn't seem that you are using exchange.
Chris BottomleyCommented:
Try checking tools | options | other | Reading pane and removing teh checkboxes forcing the mails to be actively marked as read.

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minganoAuthor Commented:
Here is a screenshot of the reading pane options.  Everything is configured correctly.

This client is attached to Microsoft Online (Exchange server).  Decreasing the time between send/receive does not address the problem.

For example - let's say you have clicked on the outbox folder.  Then you send an email - the moment it hits the outbox folder it gets marked read just because you have the outbox folder open.  That is not acceptable behavior for the application.
Check the box marked 'Mark items as read when viewed in the Reading Pane' and set the time to 10 seconds or longer. That way if you have the Outbox folder open it will still send the email.
minganoAuthor Commented:
Didn't change anything.  It immediately gets marked as read.  I set the time to 999 seconds.
minganoAuthor Commented:
Bug on part of Microsoft, there is no solution.
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