Can't separate VLANs on a switch

hello, i need to create few separate VLANs on a network. so nobody will be able to share in other's VLAN computer. the switch is TP-LINK TL-SL2452WEB. Activated VALN mode: Port VLAN (Port-based VLAN), in Port VLAN Setting: VLAN 1 Group contains all user except of them from VLAN2, and VLAN2 contains 5 members that are not in VLAN1. so now i login from another computer that is in VLAN1, to a computer that is in VLAN2 but it must not.. maybe some additional settings are required?
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joseleonardoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is an Example
I took a quick look at the switches doc and it appears that it does NOT do any L3 (IP) functions.  Which means you must have a router someplace else within your network that is routing traffic between VLAN 1 and VLAN 2.

So the simple solution is to code a ACL on the router that prevent traffic from being routed between those two IP subnets.
You Just Have to put the PVID on the Port to Vlan configuration, That's it.

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giltjrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't think that is what he is asking.

So, to make sure I understand the question.

You have VLAN 1, say IP subnet, and VLAN 2, say IP  subnet

You want to prevent computers in VLAN 2 from accessing computers in VLAN 1.  Is that right?

If that is true, then someplace you have a router that routes traffic between the two IP subnets and you need create a ACL on that router that blocks traffic.

Now, if you are just asking how to assign a VLAN to a specific port, then joseleonardo post does show you how to do that.
SiliconeSoulAuthor Commented:
By default all ports are asigned to VLAN1... i unchecked ports that i want to belong to VLAN2.. and Under VLAN2 checked them back... i still can acces to their shared computer.. also all computers belongs to one subnet if i move all port to VLAN3, and few that i want to separate to VLAN2..... i can't access computers from VLAN2, BUT me and they don't have internet... that comes from a router to GB Port. cause i can't asign one port to different VLANs. Also to configure a VLAN on a router is more difficult for me. router is MikroTik RB-450G.
Each VLAN needs to be a unique IP subnet.  So the computers on VLAN2 need to be in a different IP subnet.

If the computers on VLAN2 only need to access other computers on VLAN 2, then just don't give them a default route.  However, remember this means they can only access other computers on VLAN 2, this means NO Internet access for them.
SiliconeSoulAuthor Commented:
ok, if i will config computers that are on VLAN2 to subnet so i will need to connect internet to that subnet? that means i need to connect another port from router to a port on switch and make that port also to belong to VLAN2?
I've glanced at your router and although it may be a bit difficult, it looks like it can do what you need.

You will need to use two of the interfaces on the router.

One you can leave configured as is and use for VLAN1.

The other one you will need to configure it with an IP address on VLAN 2.  See:

Then connect it to a port on  your switch that is configured with VLAN 2.

Then on the filter you will need to configure a ip filter that blocks/denys traffic between the IP subnet for VLAN 2 and the all IP addresses on VLAN 1.  See:

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