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How to disable taskbar for a user

How can i remove the taskbar for user???
Windows 2003 or xp

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autohide, or disable completely?

Right click on it and hit Properties, then Autohide
Go to 'Configure Dock' > Under General check on 'Hide the Windows Taskbar'
sorry forgot to mention that you need ObjectDock for this
Are you trying to lock down a machine so only a single app runs by any chance?

what do you want to exactly disable for users? There is no option to disable "Task Bar" in GPO by default but you can disallow them many other things. Just let me know more details if you're interested. I will try to help you

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I dont need auto-hide

I need to restrict as many as posible windows functions for a user.... security isues

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Windows SteadyState

Install it on a test box, and use the ADM templates to create a GPO to lock down the user's environment. The most common settings you are referring to are in a handful of places, all conveniently into a single ADM file.....

Although you cannot hide the taskbar, you can prevent right clcking to prevent modifications to it.........

I would create setup the profile visually how you would like it locked down, removing shortcuts, program files entries, favorites etc...., then apply the GPO.
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