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login script to reset user's home directory in Windows 7 Professional

Hello, I am using a login script to map drives.  One of the lines in the script is "net use p: /home".  The user profiles in active directory indicate the name of the login script and the home folder is set to the remote location or "p: /home".

Here's the guts of the script:
net time \\server /set /yes
net use h: \\server\shares\contracts
net use i: \\server\shares\proposals
net use j: \\server\shares\advertising
net use k: \\server\accounting
net use l: \\server\shares\databases
net use m: \\server\shares\engineering
net use p: /home

This script has worked well for all my Windows XP computers.  We are now incorporating Windows 7 computers into our network and for some reason, this portion of the script does not complete.

Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks so much.

PS:  I used to use "net send" frequently from my local XP computer to communicate information to all the computers on the network - directly to the computer regardless of the user logged in at the time; i.e. net send /DOMAIN:DOMAIN type my message here... I have found that I cannot do so in my new Windows 7 environment.  If anyone knows a new and exciting way to accomplish the same task as simply, I'd be happy to hear it.

Thanks to all.
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