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Inventor 2010 New Server Installation.

I need to move Inventor 2010 from Autodesk to a new server, the new version of the software needs sql 2005 or 2008 and the server it is sitting on now is SQL 2000. I cannot upgrade the version of SQL on the old server because another app is using it and is not compatible with 2005 or 2008.

I have SQL installed, and now ready to install the software. I do not know much about inventor, but can I install a fresh copy of the program, let it create all the sql stuff and attached the database files from the old server? I am not too sure if that would work.
Matthew Galiano
Matthew Galiano
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You need to ask to the inventor support service what the best way to migrate their application from 2000 to 2008.

but I see two option:

1 - backup the SQL 2000 database and restore on 2008 if its supported by the new application maybe they have a upgrade database option in the install?
2 - make a fresh install on 2008 and found a way to Export data from old system and import it in the new system.

each software have is own particularity.

Matthew GalianoCTOAuthor Commented:
They want me to figure it out, and not for the support. It is expensive. So I am trying to get some input on what I can do. Thank you for the options, I did not think about the backup file I have.
and try to see if they have export/import option in the software.
He was trying to Sum all 'Quantities' for Sku 'GTS-JP' that have CUSTNMBR = JP001, JP002 and JP003 from the ShipHistory table. In other words, this could be rewritten as:

He was trying to retrieve a dataset  whit one row by sku whit the sum of Quantities if condition match.
So maybe the table have 1000 of row in table, 3 distinct sku, but only 43 row whit JP001 or JP002 or JP003.  You will receive something like this (if quantity always = 1)

sku      total
sku1     10
sku2      33
sku3     0     <----------------

Your code will only return:

the following code will almost do the same thing, but in his case if some sku didn't had custnmbr in ('JP001','JP002','JP003') the row would show up whit 0 has quantity (sku3 in my exemple)

   , SUM(quantity) as 'Total'
FROM ShipHistory360      
WHERE locncode = 'JPNPLNT'
And Sku = 'GTS-JP'
And CUSTNMBR IN ('JP001','JP002','JP003')

whit the condition in the where clause you will not have row whit 0 has quantity.

but its kind of stupid that he didn't show the sku in the select column list?

 , case ...

so he was receiving

can  you delete last post... wrong windows...


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