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Can I set up multiple McAfee Snapgear SG310 units with one config file

Thanks for taking a look.

I will be getting 27 McAfee (formally Snapgear) SG310 UTM.  I like this UTM but I have never set up 27 of them before.  I would like to roll out a new config for all 20 locations.  Can I do this with one configuration file and just restore it to each unit.  The admin guide doesn't seem to have anything about this specifically.  I would think it would be possible but I was wondering  if there was anyone with real world experience.


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Yes, you can restore the configuration file to multiple units. If they are all identical you shouldn't have any issues. A couple of things to be careful about:

1. Make sure that all units have the same firmware/OS version
2. If you restore to multiple units then they will all have the same IP address information. If you plug them into the same network then you will get IP address conflicts so you will need to change the IP address (and any other unit-specific information) on each one you clone.

We restore config files from one box onto another one all the time when boxes die (using mostly SG560).
karisloveAuthor Commented:
Exactly what I needed.  Confirmation from someone who has actually done it.  Thanks.

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