Microsoft Outlook, outbox mail doesn't go to sent folder

I have MS Outlook 2003, recently I've been sending emails fine but notice that the emails I've just sent stays in the Outbox folder but the emails have gone as I get replies back, it doesn't seem to move the sent emails into Sent folder, how can I get it to move to the sent folder as it use to.
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Where do the e-mails stay? In the drafts?
widenetcslAuthor Commented:
It just stays in the Outbox, normally the email shows in the outbox for a few second while it sends out but in my case, it sends the email and just sits there in the outbox.
And you say it's sending the mail for real?

If it is, you could try fixing this by creating a rule for outgoing messages... But it really shouldnt be necessary.
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widenetcslAuthor Commented:
Yep, very strange but true, have tried the uninstall/reinstall but still the same, I'll give the rule thing ago.
It sounds like the PST is in the Outlook 97-2002 format of PST and the PST is approaching capacity. (Officially 2GB is the max, but really from 1.5GB up the PST becomes less stable).

Did you have that PST previously under Outlook 97/2000/2003?

If yes, I would try creating a new PST with Outlook 2003 (default will be the newer format) as your primary delivery location and then import the contents of your old PST into that and delete it.
That means, you could create different archive files, (let's say 1 per year) and you should be Ok.

If you need instructions to make an archive, let me know.

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