Need a Open Source Scheduling system for a clinic

I am looking for a dececnt solution for a open source scheduling system. I need something that will allow 9 users to view and schedule appointments with clients. Preferably web based for simpler centralized install. I see a lot of different options online but none look that solid. Anyone know of a good open source appointment booking system?
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lenamtlConnect With a Mentor Commented:

most of the time you will need custom application because each activity domain have their own needs.

You can achieve this using PHP & MySQL.
There are good Framework like Codeigniter 
and or good CMS to help you to start.

Here is a list of opensource one depending of specific domain and webserver environment you need:

other opensource
compaqusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Eugenes18tAuthor Commented:
is the paradigm a free solution?
lenamtlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I use this web apps for project management but I think you can adapt it for clinic appointment.
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