Microsoft GP 9.0 Upgrade

We are about to upgrade to GP 10.0 from GP 9.0 (latest version).  We have the financial applications plus Business Portal, Integration Manager and Personal Data Keeper.

We have only one company that is about 80 gb plus the Dynamics database.  Our plan is to migrate the GP 9.0 system to a new (much more powerful) server first and then perform the upgrade there. We have no other third party addons or GP modules other than those listed above.

We plan to move to SQL Server 2008 on the new server.

My questions are:

We have received quotes that range from 2 weeks to 2 months. Based on the above, can someone provide a ballpark idea of what is a reasonable time (for a migration and upgrade)?

We have also considered migrating 9.0 and then doing the upgrade to 10.0 ourselves. We are quite experienced with GP 9.0 and did the original installation.  Based on the upgrade to 10.0, are there any pitfalls that we should be aware of?

As far as completing the migration, the upgrade and troubleshooting afterward, can you provide a worst case scenario in terms of weeks needed to complete the process (provided there are no significant mistakes during the process)?

Thanks and let me know if you need more information.

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Steve EndowMicrosoft MVP - Dynamics GPCommented:

I don't do alot of GP upgrades, but on the surface, your upgrade doesn't sound too complex.

Two weeks / two months estimate is difficult to assess, as I would need to know the number of hours that each firm bid, rather than the calendar time they promised.  Two months sounds strange--If they only work with you one day a week, then sure, two months might make sense, but that doesn't sound quite right.  Two weeks of calendar time sounds like a much more realistic estimate, assuming that you are able to take care of all of your assigned tasks.  

Unless there are some other requirements that you didn't list, I would personally tell you to skip the migration of GP 9 to the new server and just build the new server solely with GP 10 or GP 2010.  I wouldn't bother bringing all of the GP 9 setup and data over to the new server just to upgrade it, and I would also encourage you to consider GP 2010 so that you can postpone your next GP upgrade for a few more years.  

Just keep your GP 9 server as is, take backups of your databases, restore them on your new server, then run GP Utilities to ugprade them on the new server.  Do this once to test the migration / upgrade process, and then when you are ready and have all of the issues identified, perform a final backup and restore to the new server.  If anything goes wrong, you still have your GP 9 server untouched.

I'm working with a client right now to upgrade from GP 9 to GP 2010, and he was able to setup a test virtual server with SQL 2008, install GP 2010, migrate his databases, and import almost all of his customizations himself in just a few days with my guidance.  I helped with a few questions and a few customizations that didn't upgrade, but 90% of his test upgrade was simple and smooth.  We're preparing an upgrade checklist and expect to spend only a few hours to have a smooth cutover to a new server.

If you have a ton of customizations, modified reports, SSRS reports, Business Portal configuration, or third party products to deal with, then that will take some time, but if you configure it on your new server in parallel, then you can test the install + upgrade with no pressure, since you won't be touching your GP 9 live server.

I would recommend reading the GP 10 / GP 2010 upgrade documentation and checklists.

You should be able to get a good idea of what is involved.  The question marks are the customizations, reports, business portal, PDK, and additional products that may pose some issues.

Let me know if that makes sense and if you have any specific questions.


Steve Endow
Dynamics GP Certified Trainer
Dynamics GP Certified Professional

apollo7Author Commented:

Thanks very much - exactly what I was looking for.  Your advice about just setting up version 10.0 or 2010 (instead of migrating GP 9.0) makes alot of sense and will save a bunch of time.

Thanks again
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