Can't see new drives on RAID controller - HP ProLiant ML150 G3, SmartArray E200, 500GB SATA drives

I have an HP Proliant ML150 G3 server with a SmartArray E200 RAID controller. I had 4 drives already installed (#1 below) into a RAID5 logical drive, and recently added 2 more drives (#2). I want to create a SECOND logical drive with these disks, but whether I use the Windows HP Array Config Utility or the F8 utility at boot-up, I only see my 4 existing drives. The other drives are just not listed.

I'm guessing I may need a firmware update, but I'm not sure what I need. I believe I'm on the right page at HP to find the right drivers / firmware (#3), but I'm not sure what to get. I'm thinking I should get the "** CRITICAL ** Online ROM Flash Component for Windows - Smart Array E200 and E200i " under "Firmware - Storage Controller" but would like some confirmation on that.

I'd appreciate any direction. Thanks!

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c2itconsultingAuthor Commented:
Installed Windows driver and Firmware update

Firmware went from 1.62 to 1.86
Windows driver went from to

I'm also grabbing the Proliant Support Pack to see what else needs updating. Will reboot tonight and see how things are in the morning. Hopefully this does the trick!
I'm holding fingers crossed!
Good luck.
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andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
From quickspecs:

HP SAS/SATA 4 in 1 to 4 in Cable
NOTE: This cable is required when adding either the HP 8 Internal Port SAS HBA with RAID or the HP Smart Array E200 on a hot-plug SATA model or SC44GE HBA. 438160-B21

HP Internal SAS/SATA 4-Port Cable
NOTE: This cable is required when adding either the HP 8 Internal Port SAS HBA with RAID or the HP Smart Array E200 on a non hot-plug SATA model 430479-B21
NOTE: Hot plug SATA servers come with a hot plug backplane, making them hot plug ready. For full hot plug capability on the hot plug SATA models, a hot plug controller (347786-B21) must also be purchased

Doesn't mention that for more than 4 drives you need two of those cables but it's pretty obvious that you do

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c2itconsultingAuthor Commented:
andy, thanks for your note.

After updating The E200 Controller's firmware and the E200 Controller's windows drivers (along with a host of other firmware/driver updates from HP), I rebooted and see... the exact same thing. My new drives are plugged into slots 0 and 5 of the enclosure, and I still only see drives 1,2,3, and 4 through the HP Array Utility.

From what you're saying, Andy, I'd think that if # of drives were a limitation, it would see 0-3, not 1-4... but I suppose I can look at that when I take the thing apart. I'm not sure what "part" I'd be looking for, though. Can you give me a link to what you found?

I'm wondering if there's any other sort of cabling/power issue I may have inside the box to recognize the new drives. This is the first time we've added drives since the box was built, so I guess there might be. Any direction on what to look for is appreciated. I'll probably be on-site with the box apart on Thursday evening.
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
I'd expect you to see 0-3 but it wouldn't hurt to take the side panel off and look, there's 2 plugs on the hotplug disk backplane, see Figure 3-16 of

If it's non-hotplug then disk positions could be anywhere since you wire them individually, they don't even have to be in order which could make life difficult if a drive needed replacing.
I know the HP ML150 G3 has a limitation of 2 logical drives.  So you would have to remove one logical drive and create a RAID 1+0 to see all 4 physical drives.
c2itconsultingAuthor Commented:
I only have one logical drive at the moment. 4 X 160 drives = 1. I'd like the other logical drive to be set up as just mirroring for the two new 500 gig drives.
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
That's the onboard RAID anyway, E200 supports up to 32 logical volumes.
How much memory does the E200 have on it?  Does it have the Battery Backup?
c2itconsultingAuthor Commented:
Well guys, it was as simple as this... the RAID controller has 2 cable cords on it, each which can support 4 drives, using the cable I originally had, at least. And I only had one of those. WHich means my two new drives I was snapping in were not connected to ANYTHING in terms of cabling. Explains a lot.

New cable ordered, should arrive next week, and we should be good to go!

Thanks guys. It's the simple things sometimes that get ya.
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