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Migrate autocad from one xp box to another without original installation package.

Is there a way to move an autocad install from one xp machine to another, without the original installation cd?
1 Solution
Joseph DalyCommented:
I do not believe you will be able to do this. You may be able to copy the files from the program files folder on one machine to the other but there is much more that happens when you install a software. You would need to create/copy any registry keys, dlls registered, etc that happened during the initial installation.

Im not going to say this is impossible to it is probably too time consuming to even bother with.
alexsupertrampAuthor Commented:
I assumed there are some registry keys and system files that would need to be exported and that this would be an involved process.  And actually it is worth it because reinstalling the software is not an option.
We have done this in the past by copying the entire AutoCAD directory.  Be sure to grab the license file from the origona machine as well.  There is a built in utility to export and import the license, but it is quarky. Good luck.
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It's highly unlikely that it will ever work...especially with a version newer than 2006.  You'd be better off taking a complete image of the drive and restoring it to the other box.  Another method is to use software like PC Mover or PC Relocator.  
There is not "some" registry keys, there are hundreds if not thousands along with all kinds of dependencies, etc.  There may be some utilities that help with this type of thing but that's more a question for a good desktop support guy or network admin.

What version/flavor of product are you needing? There are ways to get the install files so I wouldn't say it's not an option just because you don't have the CD any more.

alexsupertrampAuthor Commented:
Darren, i'm not sure which version it is yet, i don't have the original pc in hand, although i will soon.  You are saying there are possibly "thousands" of registry keys installed with Autocad?    Obviously autocad is very expensive and this user does not have access to the software or the Architecture firm's IT department that installed the software.  

Gikkel, this version is at least 3 years old, so maybe from right around 2006.  Regardless, as a last resort I may end up restoring the os using Acronis Universal Restore, but I was hoping for an easier process.

Thanks for your comments.  I had assumed that if this is possible, someone on ee must have done it before, as valuable as Autocad is.   I'll follow up when i have the original pc onsite.
alexsupertrampAuthor Commented:
my apologies...this got put on the backburner since no clear solution was presented, although the responses were intelligent and informational.  I have the pc in hand now and will either respond or distribute points by the end of the week.
alexsupertrampAuthor Commented:
@ CECTOPS, are you saying that you only moved over the "c:/program files/autocad" directory, and that you were able to use the program, without exporting any registry keys?

@ everyone:   the software i'm working with is autodesk architectural desktop 3.0.

thanks again, and sorry for the late response.  
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