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I have a client who has an HP MSM 710 Wireless controller. They lost all documentation on this device, no passwords, no managemnt IP info. It has been reset to defaults. I need to configure this as a captive portal with no authentication. It simply present an Acceptable Use Policy page that a customer must click on accept to access the Internet. It is completely isolated from any other network. It is the DHCP and DNS server for the LAN behnd it - consists of Cisco APs as well as wired clients on a single LAN(with a single VLAN). The MSM 710 has a dedicated internet connection.

I have configured this same setup using pfSense as a Captive Portal in about 30 minutes, but I am looking for a HOWTO to do this with the MSM 710. The manual is 580 pages!

Internet --> MSM710 -> --> <SWITCH Vlan 30>  Wireless APs (not managed by the MSM710) on (VLAN 30) AND Wired clients on same (VLAN 30)

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meverestConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Looks like RikeR has come along to save the day for MSM710 (!;-) but in case you (or anyone else) is still interested in how to do it with routerOS, you can follow these steps:

1.  log in to the router with winvox
2.  put a dhcp client on the internet interface (ip -> dhcp-client)
3.  add an IP address to the hotspot network interface (ip -> addresses)
4.  click 'setup' on 'ip -> hotspot' config panel and follow the wizard
   - when it asks fro a name for 'admin user' enter some name (e.g. 'guest') and some password (e.g. 'password')
5.  open the filesystem ('files') and look for 'login.html' file.  drag it to desktop
6.  edit login.html, and add your terms and conditions.  make the username/password form fields 'hidden' and given them the values of the admin user entered during hotspot setup.  save the file
7.  drag the login.html from your desktop back to the router filesystem.


Cheers,  Mike.
throw it away and replace it with a $40 mikrotik 750 (

you'll save yourself time and money - why waste hours researching how to fix some obscure product when you can set up your captive portal with this little beauty in 5 minutes flat (literally, including opening the box! ;-)

you'll save your customer money too, since surely your time costs them more than 40 bucks for a superior replacement! ;-)

gwa60060Author Commented:
Sort of what I told the client already. I've used pfSense before. I've not heard of mikortik before, sounds interesting.
for 500 points, give me or point me to the steps to configureing the captive portal with no authentication and a customized (just logos and hyperlinks) splash page. Page only needs "I Accept" button for Acceptable use. For 40.00, I'll buy one just to test.
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Hi qwa6060,

The MSM710 is an excellent device which I've been using extensively on many hotspot / guest access set-ups. Setting it up is very easy due to the good web interface.

The manual of this device can be found at:
or the latest release:

Design and implementation guides can be found at:

Custom login pages are found at
RikeRConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Make sure Access Control is enable on the menu Public Access. You can edit the login page directly from the web interface if you go to Public Access -> Web content and click on the index.asp. The HTML is then displayed. Copy it to your text editor and paste the result back.

Good luck
gwa60060Author Commented:
Splitting Points
meverest gave a complete solution, but not quite on the product asked about.

RikeR gave info on product asked about , but not quite a complete solution.
Hi qwa6060

Did you figure out how to configure this MSM710 I do have the same problem I just reset to factory reset upgarded to ver 5.5.0 configure my public static IP on the internet interface and i'm using the default LAN for the internal LAN but my PC is not being redirected to the captive portal. My PC has ip gw & dns 192.168.1 connected on a port on the same vlan as internal lan. I'm using the default VSC any ideas??
gwa60060Author Commented:

Nope, never did get this working. for what I need it was WAY easier to replace this with a pfSense device and enable captive portal. Done it 30 minutes with a device that doesn't need to be restarted weekly to keep working. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
Thanks a lot qwa6060 for replying to this comment. I think if I don't find a solution quickly I will take a look into pfSense the only think that worries me is that I will have to find a way to power this pfSense box as the MSM710 was using PoE.  

FWIW, MikroTik routerBoards support PoE! :)

Cheers,  Mike.
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