Open record on an edit form from GridView

I have a webpage that has a GridView on it with a sql link as the source.  I have a link for each record in the grid called select.  I have a textbox on the page that gets populated with the pk(id_number) on selectedindexchange event through vb.  that part is working fine, however..

I would now like to open another page to the correct pk(id_number) that I have already built for editing records.
It too has a sql link as its datasource.  The edit records are built on a ListView.

How can this be done??

I am thinking that I need to send over textbox1.text from page1.aspx to page2.aspx and use it in a param to get the correct record on the page2.aspx datasource.  But am so new to, just not sure how this can be done...
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Before you open page, store the variable in session such as Session["clipboard"] = textbox1.text;
Then on page2 you can acess it by going to
string a = Session["clipboard"].ToString();
H-SCAuthor Commented:

would the script on page2 look like this..

 TextBox1.text  = Session["clipboard"].ToString();

for some reason intellisence does not like session["
If you for the TextBox1 on page 2 to contain that data then yes.
Session[" should work. Do you have using System; and using System.Web; on top of the file;
as you are using VB try Session("clipboard")
(VB uses () instead of [])

If that works, throw the points to Epitel as he beat me to the session solution :)
H-SCAuthor Commented:

Many thanks for your suggestion as well.
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