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Limited network connectivity

Installing new network cards onto an XP SP3 machine yields limited network connectivity.  I thought that the existing card was bad and tryied installing a new one to no avail.
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If it is not the card then it is the connection. I would check the cable or plug it into a spot where you know internet access is available. Make sure your cable is good.
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Limited connectivity usually means you aren't pulling an IP address from your DHCP server.  So, it senses that the network cable is plugged in but it's not able to find a DHCP server to get an IP address.

Do you have a DHCP server on your network (from a router or a server)?
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It is not the card, connection or cable as all three work in another computer.

The ipconfig shows the 169 address.
OK - so it's likely that you're DHCP server isn't responding.  Have you tried configuring the card with a static IP address that is in the same subnet to see if you can ping your gateway or other workstations?
This is a work bench setup... DHCP works fine on other machines.
Huh.  Firewall issue maybe?
Dang!  If you configure it with a static IP can you ping other nodes?
I'll try...
Yea a 169 means your card is not talking to the DHCP server and recieving an IP address. Are you able to ping the loopback

If not I would suggest re-installing the TCP/IP
I can ping other computers but not Yahoo.  When I ping other computers I hear a beep then the reply response info.
I reset tcp/ip to no avail... don't know how to uninstall it.
ok - have you set DNS server addresses in your static IP config?
I think that there is something to the fact that I hear a beep prior to getting back the reply response info.
Hahahaha you're killin' me!  :)

Can you ping the DNS server?  Is it external or is it a server in your test environment?
Yeah the beep thing piqued my curiosity - not sure what that is.  Can you ping an external IP though?  Like try pinging (yahoo)
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I'll presume that this was a working computer and not a recent install.

Scan for malware.

Recommended is Malwarbytes .  If that doesn't work then try Combofix .
I can ping the external DNS server...

Ok... I cannot ping yahoo but I can ping (Yahoo).

This is a DNS issue of some sort.
Ahhhh.   At a command prompt:

netsh winsock reset

Then reboot.
did that fix the issue?
Hoorah - man solved his own issue. lol