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I have a db on Microsoft SQL Server 2005.  I need to output and convert the entire db to mysql.  A lot of software i have found out there makes you connect to both servers...I don't want to connect to the mysql server.  Is there something i can use where i connect to the ms sql server and it outputs a file i can then take over to mysql?

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attipaConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
used a software which i purchased here:

worked like a charm!
Kim RyanIT ConsultantCommented:
Yes, all databases let you export meta data (the table definitions)as ANSI SQL statements  The data itself can be  exported as SQL INSERT statements, to a text file such as comma seperated values.

Mysql can import the CSV values with the mysqlimport program.
attipaAuthor Commented:
yes, but this db is pretty large...that's why i was asking if there is a program that will do everything for me.
Kim RyanIT ConsultantCommented:
I haven't heard of a program that can do everything. If the database is large it may only be practical to split it into 2 steps. Unload the data to a CSV file and then import it into MySQL.You often get errors on import as the data types between the two databses don't always match, so a bit of trial and error is involved.
attipaAuthor Commented:
i did additional research myself and it worked great!  i wasn't able to get the answer from anyone.
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